Andi & Flo - Quilts and other unique creations

In a world where everything is mass produced, fast and far away, we offer you a moment of calm with our beautiful quilts, handmade in Brooklyn.

Our designs are a modern twist on the old, a continuation of the American tradition of quilt making. The pictures posted here represent a few of our compositions. Our quilts are available for sale on our Etsy website. We would also be thrilled to assist you in making a personalized, custom quilt.

Doll quilts, baby quilts, twin, queen or king: everyone can enjoy a cozy original blanket. Whether in the winter, when we all need an extra layer, or in the summer, when we just want a single layer, a quilt is the perfect answer!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Antic!!!

We finally made it to the Atlantic Antic. We were very excited to present our designs. Everyone that stopped by loved them. We want to thank our friends who made it there despite the cold, as well as anyone who came by, encouraged us and appreciated our quilts. Flo was a little cold, as the pictures show.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our first Atlantic Antic!

We are getting ready for the Atlantic Antic (or frantic would be more appropriate!) taking place this Sunday, October 2. Our apartments are totally upside down (which can happen very fast in tiny NY apartments!). Fabric, threads are everywhere. We have accomplished a lot though and are going to present a lot of beautiful creations, from doll quilts by Flo, to some queen size ones and other little crafty things that Andrea is so gifted at.

We are also excited because we received our first business cards. It may sound silly but that's a big step for us!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Some of our quilts

This blue baby quilt was Flo's first creation:
 "Pour Tristan".

 This second quilt was a special request:
"Pour Adele"